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Hi all,

I have not posted any new content to this page for quite some time now. I have created a new website for my photography that you can visit at and all of my blog content and most recent work can be seen at Hope to see you all over there!

Hannah Grace


mr. joe’s roses


And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. / Canon AV-1 / Fujifilm 400R1-05506-0016 R1-05506-0017 R1-05506-0018




Moab, Utah / Canon AV-1 / Fujifilm 400
R1-05758-000A_0001 R1-05758-002A R1-05758-003A R1-05758-006A R1-05758-008A R1-05758-011A R1-05758-012A R1-05758-014A R1-05758-015A R1-05758-016A R1-05758-019A R1-05758-021A R1-05758-024A

streets of yangon, myanmar in b&w

green eyes


This past spring my friend KB and I were walking around Mussoorie, India enjoying the holi celebrations when we met this guy. He had such strikingly clear green eyes – I just had to take his portrait.


summer selection

select shots taken this past week of summer / Canon AV-1 / Kodak Gold 200

R1-05545-002A R1-05545-008A R1-05545-020AR1-05545-011A

R1-05545-023A R1-05545-014A

chasing light


A few portraits of my lovely friend Eliza / Canon AV-1 / fujicolor 400R2-05511-0003 R2-05511-0010 R2-05511-022A R2-05511-0013 R2-05511-024A

coconut salesman

R1-05370-022A R1-05370-023A R1-05370-024A

Ngwesaung, Myanmar / Canon AV-1 / fujicolor 400


One of my favorite photographs I’ve taken is of a sweet young girl named Sanju. Sanju and her older brother Vicky live at Asha Mission Children’s Home in Delhi. They are an effervescent duo and thick as thieves. Often times you find them whispering in Hindi to each other in the corner or swapping food during meal times. Vicky is easily one of the smartest children in the home and Sanju’s laugh can light up the darkest of corners. They are truly a special brother and sister pair. You can’t help but think that they are set apart for something special.



35 millimeters of morocco

R1-05369-0002 R1-05369-0004 R1-05369-0005 R1-05369-0007 R1-05369-0010 R1-05369-0012 R1-05369-0013 R1-05369-0015 R1-05369-0017 R1-05369-0019

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